Like A King

All actions in this game are made using mouse.
Click on the empty tile to spawn a new unit.
Draw a line from the unit to the enemy unit to attack.

In this you play as a king who have to fight with other kings using different units and special cards. Your primary mission is to destroy the enemy and secure your kingdom. There are also special quests which you must complete to unlock new units and cards.
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Like A King : Game Description

Like A King

At first glance, Like A King game is nothing more than another strategy game but believe me, when you start playing it you understand why so many people give it highest rating on most gaming website and why thousands of people play it every day. In fact, it is not a strategy game, it is more like tower-defense game where you are playing as a king who have to protect his kingdom against enemies. In this game, the most important thing is to understand how everything works, so that's why you are adviced to complete the simple tutorial battle at the beginning of the game. You can build special buildings to train units or defence towers to secure your main castle. As you progress in the game, you unlock special cards which give you some perks, like gold,stronger attack and so on. The game can seem a bit difficult at the beginning but everything becomes clear when you play your first battle.

How To Play Like A King?

The main mission of the player is to destroy the main castle of the enemy. Keep in mind that to do so, you will need army and gold. You should build gold mine and barracs. In fact, money is very important here, the more gold mines you have, the more gold can they generate over time. Keep in mind that every new gold mine will cost you more money than the previous one so it is up to your strategy how to play - build more mines at the beginning or strike the enemy with all you have. To attack the towers of enemy you should draw the direction using your mouse and your troops will start the attack. Remember that the game continues until one of the castles is destroyed. There are a lot of other interesting features in this game too which you should unlock as you progress. Keep in mind that the game is becoming more and more difficult so sometimes you will need to generate a new strategy to defeat the enemy. Enjoy the full version of Like A King game for free at our website.

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